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about citizen way

From starting CITIZEN WAY at Judson University in Chicago in 2004 to becoming a voice of hope heard throughout the world, the mission of CITIZEN WAY - lead singer/guitarist Ben Calhoun.


“We want to be like Billy Graham with a guitar, sharing the good news of Jesus, as we turn our amps to 11,” Ben says. The members of CITIZEN WAY consider themselves “musicianaries,” or musicians with a missionary-like calling. “It’s not just music for music’s sake; it’s music with a message,” David says. “We write and sing about the things that we do because of the impact they’ve had on our lives, and we want to share that.

Over the years, Ben has developed a passion for helping young artists fine tune their foundation through one on one services. If you are interested in working with Ben, click here for more information:

While Ben is the primary songwriter, each member of the trio offers a unique contribution to the final sound. “Since we’re all so different with different musical tastes, we’ve learned how to incorporate those into our music,” Daniel says. David’s hip hop background is evident in the music’s beats, while Daniel brings his impressive guitar/songwriting skills to the band’s music. Ben taught Daniel how to write songs and play guitar when he was just 11. The group often jokes that Daniel has since surpassed him. “He’s truly one of the best and the brightest, and such an incredible performer,” Ben says.


With so much history together, it’s no surprise that the trio gels well together both on and off the stage. They’re great friends whose chemistry between them – both musically and personally – is impossible to miss. “Since we’re all buddies, we find each other’s strengths and how it all works together during a show,” Daniel says. Having friends as bandmates makes what can often be a tough job rewarding. “This is a really awesome way to live out the calling on our lives,” Ben says. “As hard as it is to be away from our families, we've found that walking with Jesus and inviting people into the family of God through our strengths makes it worth it".


One of the most exciting ventures for CITIZEN WAY has been GENEROSITY ROCKS!  "We take 10% of our total merchandise sales at each show and give it to a local ministry.  Proverbs 11:22 says - ''A generous man will prosper.  He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed"'.  Meeting the needs of the local communities we play in each night has been life giving to us!  It's practical, immediate relief to folks in need - and it has given us a fresh perspective on why we play."  If you want to join the GENEROSITY ROCKS! team by becoming a donor, click here.  Your support allows us to do care for our families as we care for others.  It gives our fans an opportunity to help fulfill the great commission in a meaningful way in their communities. Thank you for your GENEROSITY, it ROCKS!

“We are CITIZENs in the Kingdom of God following in the WAY of Jesus - join us!"

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